Although the best charts investimenti are excellent they havent got their basics right auch as easy access forex to a finanziamenti activity statement.
Rating 10/10 - Feb 19, 2005 By far the best trading regulation forex platform.Orders go through but exchange don't show in forex position window.Its a very bad broker when I doubled my casa account I couldn't close any borsa trade casa any more at all!Nice charts but moved my account to GFT.Just wish someone like fxcm would buy them out and investimenti run it responsibly.They will delay or not execute your trade when you have a profit, but will execute immediately when you have a loss.Their trade execution during volatile periods is horrible.Today, CMS Forex is recognized as one of forex the most reputable forex traders in the world; its main headquarters are located in the Empire State Building in New York City, New York, and much of best its reputation revolves around its signature trading forex software, VT Trader.Rating 8/10 Don't even think about finanziamenti trading with eir servers shut down in a fast market, and they trade against their customers.So they cannot dispute anything they tell us about what has investimenti happened because we never see the logs.With phone-based and online accessibility, the CMS Forex dealing desk can meet the needs of virtually any foreign exchange market trader, creating a more robust and strategic experience.Again Buyer Be Ware!The best charting and trading system creation software around( auto trade coded systems).Rating 8/10 - May 13, 2005 It is not possible to be worse than them in customer service.Made good best money at first and then the quick trade execution was replaced with constant r"s or no execution at all(Weird and unexplainable problems start occuring with trades when system is trading live accounts).Rating 5/10 Nice platform but bad connection.Rating 1/10 Used their demo for a year averaging over 30 a month. I am a professional broker with ove 300 clients, every one of them who tradED with CMS has been ripped off - some even lost everything.
But if the price moves against you (say.5870) then 30-60 seconds later serio you get a confirmation of an opened position which by etoro then is 5spread pips in the red.

If the ratings forex were just about how cool the website is then CMS would have received a higher rating.
Rating 8/10 - April 15, 2006 Server too bad and r".
Reviewed by lotusbee, November 6, 2006.