By default most strategies have this set to 3, so forex if a forex 4th chart is trying to open a trade forex it forex will be rejected, and it's virtual data will be reset.
forex 9) What is the forex minimum deposit required and what is the recommended?The number of forex hours to pause further trading from when the last profitable trade was closed.There is no stop loss platforms used on this strategy so the hard stop of your indicatori broker DD_StopLossPct is used if required.ChartDisplay forex : Show or hide all text displayed on chart by Flex ShowButtons : Show or hide the 3 buttons at the top forex of each chart (Close, CloseAll, On/Off) forex buttons.The higher the number, the less frequently it will open real trades.It will open only a max of 3 trades deep, but it rarely ever needs a 2nd casa trade as the first is often closed forex in profit.Using one of these pre-configured strategies means it will use pre-configured settings for these 8 variables (RealTakeProfit, RealStopLoss, PipStep, VirtualTrades, VirtualTakeProfit, LotMultiplier, MaxBuyTrades, MaxSellTrades).If you set this to false, another hedge will open once that 50 pip first hedge closes in profit.Whatever PipStep you have will also need to be met.Make indicatori sure to enter your username(not email address) into flex settings when attaching to a chart.This is a Support/Resistance filter which broker will prevent new baskets from starting near these levels TradeSR.TrendMode : This will make Flex open trades going casa with the trend, and continue to do so until your Max trades setting is reached or your FloatingTP_Pct is hit.If you want these indicators to trigger napoli trades, turn on the ones you want, and set VirtualTrades to 1 and VirtualPipStep.Every additional tier indicatori should be good for an extra 2-3 additional MT4 instances. Indicator filters These indicators can be used to either filter out new baskets from starting, or to trigger new baskets.
Ie check the logs etc over forex the days?
This should be left forex low unless you're running extremely low risk on a big account size.