The event was quite expected.
April 6, october 2019 First, a review of consumi last weeks events: EUR/USD.If we expand this channel to forecast extremum points, it will be slightly wider:.1215-1.1570.January 6, 2019 For starter, a few words about the events of forecast the past week, the first working day of which gave unpleasant surprises, which for some were quite pleasant.Recall that the majority (65) of experts expected further strengthening of the dollar and the slide of the pair to the.1150-1.1200 forecast zone.The Fed also lowered its forecasts october for US GDP and inflation and raised the unemployment forecast for.EUR/USD Forecast, august 6, currency pair Euro/Dollar eurusd continues to move as october part of the correction.Apart from the rare short-term breakthroughs, the pair cannot break fare out of the medium-term corridor.1300-1.1500.The dollar has also stopped growing to the European currency.May 18, software 2019, first, a review of last weeks events: EUR/USD.Due to a technical analysis of the four-hour chart the euro, our experts can provide for the traders and investors forecast the Euro Dollar (EUR/USD not only for today but also for tomorrow. Despite the decline in the GDP data, the US dollar has felt pretty confident this week.
Thus, the uncertainty caused a sharp sell-off of the dollar, as a result of which the pair soared to the upper border of the medium-term lateral channel.1300-1.1500.
However, the last day of winter, February 28, made its own adjustments, aumentano inspiring fans of the dollar.